How A Public Adjuster Can Help You

We will provide the following services to help put your mind at ease:

  1. Pursue all forms of recovery from applicable insurance carriers and provide documentation and substantiation as required to fully present merits of claim to insurance company. This includes, but is not limited to construction estimates or bid comparisons for the main and all auxiliary structures by qualified authority; substantiation of costs incurred and anticipated for land stabilization, tree, shrub, and plant replacement, debris removal; substantiation as needed to establish market value loss of rent, A.L.E, contents & appraisals.
  2. Assist you in completing inventories and evaluation of damage / loss of personal and business property.
  3. Meet with adjusters at loss site to discuss and an attempt to agree upon the scope of your case.
  4. Expertly prepare structural estimates to meet industry standards.
  5. Assist with and direct your claim as stated in your specific insurance policy.
  6. Use of industry professionals, such as engineers, architects, civil engineers, or expert witness in a particular field of expertise.
  7. Diligently represent you in any dispute with insurance carrier regarding whether the loss or any part of the loss is covered under the policy.
  8. Obtain your approval of claims being sought before submitting reports to the insurance carriers.
  9. Disclose promptly and fully report any offers of settlement by carriers to client.
  10. Provide prompt service to you.

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CASE STUDY: Above & Beyond and Holding your Carrier Responsible!

Rodeo Chediski Fire

SafeCo Insurance Company of America denied coverage to some Mr. O’Toole’s clients regarding the Rodeo Chediski fire. Mr. O’Toole pursued their claims for smoke damage and prevailed under the policy of the insurance.

SafeCo took the initiative to file fraud referrals to the Arizona Department of Insurance, indicating no smoke damage, thus no coverage, thus fraud.

Mr. O’Toole and his clients filed suit against SafeCo for their wrongful actions, the insured’s settled with SafeCo with nondisclosure agreements.

However, Mr. O’Toole and his Company did not settle with SafeCo, which led to an approximate three-week jury trial.

(James F O’Toole v. SafeCo Insurance Co of America).

This resulted in a unanimous jury verdict. O’Toole as the plaintiff was awarded $900,000 for intentional interference with prospective contractual relationships.

James F O’Toole and James F O’Toole Company were awarded an additional $700,000 for punitive damages.

Recent Recoveries

One Beacon

Offer: $2,368
Recovery: $169,968


Offer: $38,745
Recovery: $185,000


Offer: $18,730
Recovery: $112,441

Farm Bureau

Offer: $0
Recovery: $78,903

Farm Bureau

Offer: $0
Recovery: $57,287

Farm Bureau

Offer: $0
Recovery: $64,287

Farm Bureau

Offer: $0
Recovery: $83,240


Offer: $23,000
Recovery: $384,584


Offer: $450,689
Recovery: $1,068,226

State Farm

Offer: $184,763
Recovery: $325,000

First Federated

Offer: $75,000
Recovery: $550,693

Liberty Mutual

Offer: $540,000
Recovery: $900,027

Farm Bureau

Offer: $10,936
Recovery: $152,977

Scottsdale Indemnity

Offer: $82,469
Recovery: $461,915

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