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James F O’Toole Co., Inc. is licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington and Texas.

The oldest public adjusting company in Arizona & One of the Oldest in the USA

We are one of the oldest privately owned public adjusting firms in the country having been established since 1946. No other public adjusting company has handled as many wildfire claims as the O’Toole Company. You will have the knowledge and experience of  O'Toole Company and all our resources to assist you in your time of need. Being family owned and operated, Jim O’Toole will personally be working on your claim giving you an assured personal touch.

Jim O’Toole has personally been a licensed public adjuster for over 35 years, is a second-generation public adjuster, is qualified as an expert in the Superior Court for claims handling standards and property evaluations. Mr. O’Toole Jr has extensive construction background experience.

Check out our recent recoveries to see the increased amount of monies insurance companies pay after our involvement versus the preliminary offer.

If there is no recovery, there is NO FEE!

Here at O’Toole Company, we strive to get fair service for you.

Our fee is based on a percentage of the recovery, the higher the recovery for you the more we earn, which is the incentive for the public adjuster to maximize your legitimate recoverable loss.


How it Works:

  • No retainer or up-front money required
  • Fees are based on a contingency
  • No fees to us until recovery begins
  • Since each and every claim is vastly different, we need to evaluate the loss
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How do We Get You More $$$

Clients want to know how we are able to get them more money from the insurance company. Insureds think because they’re friends with the insurance agent and they paid premiums to their insurance company for the last 20 years that they are special to the insurance company and agent. That’s not true, once a loss is reported the claimant is usually treated as an adversary.

A problem a lot of insureds have is they perceive that I will be taking money out of their pocket that they would have got already from the existing claim.

The adjusters will show up with his heard of captive agents and preferred vendors such as restoration, builders, water extractions, etc. You will find out later in the claim that they are all working together for the insurance company's interest, not yours. The adjusters will want you to sign contracts with their preferred vendors, then they will claim you hired them and any dispute in workmanship and scope is between you and the vendor, as insured hired the contractor/ vendor. By the way, the contractor vendor works off the company adjusters scope not their own. Remember you are only going to see these vendors once but, the carrier uses them every day. Who's back do you think they have?

Why Not Just Fight for This Myself?

The answer is it takes a team to increase claims payments. The family run team at O’Toole Co only have your interest at heart. Some adjusting companies are only interested in signing you up and getting the claim resolved as fast as possible and collecting a small fee. The insureds receive a little in the way of dollar increase with other public adjusters. At O’Toole Co. we fight for you as if you are a member of our family!

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