Insurance Claims Adjuster Case Study

In this insurance claims adjuster case study we share how we helped one client get twice as much money as their insurance company originally offered.

Our insured client was offered $200,000 for their claim.

They thought they were being short-changed, so they contacted the JF O’Toole Co to help them get what they deserved.

The Fee We Earn

As a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster, we agree to take 40% of any new monies above the existing $200,000 offer from the insured's insurance company.

The Extra Money We Got for Our Client

After negotiating with the insurance company, we increased the payout to $400,000 a %100 increase. Double what the insurance company originally offered.

What Our Client Received

The insured received the original $200,000 that was offered by their insurance company. They also received 60% of the new monies fought for by O'Toole Co.

The insured went from a $200,000 claim payout to a $320,000 payout.

Claims Adjuster Conclusion

As this example illustrates, we didn’t take any money from our client's existing claim offer. We only get paid for what we fought for and earned over and above what the insurance company originally offered.

When some prospective clients hear this example they think why contract an adjuster when I could fight for this myself?

The answer is it takes a team to increase claims. The family-run team at O’Toole Co only has your best interest at heart.

Some adjusting companies are only interested in signing you up and getting the claim resolved as fast as possible and collecting a small fee.

As you can see from this case study, at JF O’Toole Company we fight for you as if you are a member of our family! And we fight to win!

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